104 year-old interviewed


May 23, 2017

The Iraqi Jewish Voices Project photographs Meir Murad of Givataim, Israel, who at age 104 is the project’s oldest participant. CLICK HERE to read more and for more photos


Rediscovering Egyptian Jewish History


June 1, 2017 

Executive Director, Henry Green and Media Director, David Langer received special permission from the Jewish Community in Cairo to visit and photograph the magnificent Sha’ar Hashamayam Synagogue in Cairo. Built in 1899, it was the religious centre for the Sephardic Jewish community in Cairo.

Sephardi Voices Partners with Tel Aviv University

May 25, 2017
Sephardi Voices Executive Director, Dr. Henry Green and Professor Uzi Rabi, Director of Tel Aviv University’s Moshe Dayan Center, sign a partnership agreement to collect the stories of the last generation of Sephardi Jews from Islamic lands.

Sephardi Voices Holds Italian Production Workshops

February 10, 2017
Sephardi Voices Executive Director Henry Green and Media Director David Langer are in Italy holding production workshops at the American University of Rome. This is a pilot project to interview members of Libyan Jewish community in Italy. Rome is home to thousands of Libyan Jews who fled their country after the 1967 Arab-Israel war. CLICK HERE to watch the video.

Israel Launches $2.6m project to interview Jews displaced from Arab Lands

Haaretz, Dec. 13, 2016

The stories, heritage and history of Jews who immigrated to Israel from Arab lands will be documented as part of a new national project. Sephardi Voices will be recognized in this incredible initiative. Please CLICK HERE to read the full article in Haaretz.