The Shasha Oral History Collection

The Robert Shasha Collection of Iraqi Jewish Oral Histories consists of original portraits of Iraqi Jews, historical photographs and the stories of their lives.

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Aida Zelouf: Liam Sharp
Albert Nissim: Liam Sharp
Baruch Levy: David Blumenfeld
Doreen Khalastchy Dangoor: Liam Sharp
Eileen Khalastchy: Liam Sharp
Eli Amir: David Blumenfeld
Ezra Zilkha: Liam Sharp
Jamil Khazoom: Liam Sharp
Linda Masri Hakim: Liam Sharp
Maurice Shohlet: Liam Sharp
Mordechai Ben Porat: David Blumenfeld
Oded Halahmy: Liam Sharp
Sami Michael: David Blumenfeld
Shlomo El-Kevity: David Blumenfeld
Shlomo Hillel: David Blumenfeld
Yeheskel Kojaman: Liam Sharp