Education Resources for Teachers

Descendants of Sephardi who were displaced know little about the lives of their parents and grandparents. They are missing out on the wisdom, culture and sacred traditions integral to Jewish civilization.

Sephardi Voices’ educational programs enable children, teens, and adults greater access to their rich heritage through curriculum, films and exhibits. It nourishes future generations to celebrate the Sephardi legacy of Jews from Islamic lands.


Sephardi Voices offers an educational module designed for middle and high school students. The module includes a film, a curriculum with image cards, and activities for the students. Through classroom participation, students will learn about the displacement of one million Jews from North Africa, the Middle East, and Iran post 1948.

On this page you will find two elements of the curriculum: a film called What We Left Behind and a set of image cards. There is also an accompanying PowerPoint presentation that you may download here.


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