Academic Advisory Board

The academic arm of Sephardi Voices, the Academic Advisory Board is comprised of prominent oral historians, scholars, filmmakers and IT specialists from around the world. They are responsible for setting the academic criteria, preparing the instruments for interview collection, setting the parameters for the preservation and archiving of all interviews and ensuring quality control of all phases of the process. The advisory board also sets the goals for the production of educational outcomes, evaluates the results and serves as a resource for educational and other institutions.

Dr. Henry Green (USA)
Chair and Founder of Sephardi Voices
Dr. Green is a professor of Judaic and Religious Studies at the University of Miami and the Founding Director of both the Jewish Museum of Florida and Sephardi Voices.

Dr. Margalit Bejarano (Israel)
Dr. Bejarano is a research fellow at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the former Academic Director of the Oral History Division, at the Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry.

Dr. Georges Bensoussan (France)
Born in Morocco, Dr. Bensoussan serves as chief editor of the Shoah Memorial’s publication Revue d’Histoire de la Shoah. An expert on anti-Semitism, memory and history, he is the author of 12 books and one of France’s most notable intellectuals.

David Langer (Canada)
David Langer is a multi award winning producer and writer. He has directed documentaries for Discovery, PBS, CBC, Le Monde, National Geographic, Radio Canada, History and Smithsonian.

Dr. Michael Laskier (Israel)
Dr. Laskier holds the Menachem Begin Chair and is Professor of Modern History at Bar Ilan University.

Dr. Alessandro Portelli (Italy)
Dr. Portelli is Professor Emeritus of the University of Rome and a Visiting Professor at Princeton University. He was the Mayor of Rome’s advisor for historical memory and served on the City Council.

Advisory Committee

Larry Behar
Elisa Diaine
Juliette Glasser
Michael Sabet
Ezra Zilkha

Walter Arbib
Irwin Cotler
Robert Mashaal
Victor Sibilia
Richard Stursberg, Chair

Maria Aron
Danny Ayalon
Tamar Morad
Levana Zamir

David Gerbi

Adam Ostry

Varda Aron
Edwin Shuker