Interviewing at the Spanish Portuguese Synagogue

Oct. 17, 2018

Sephardi Voices is conducting interviews and shooting portraits at the Spanish Portuguese Synagogue in Montreal. Celebrated New York photographer Liam Sharp joined the team to produce stunning portraits for the collection: view here

Sephardi Voices in Florida Jewish Journal

Nov. 17, 2017


The academic nonprofit organization Sephardi Voices that is dedicated to recording stories of Jews displaced from North Africa, Iran, and the Middle East post-World War II will present two events in South Florida from Nov. 29-30. CLICK HERE for full article

Sephardi Voices in Montreal

October 10, 2017

Sephardi Voices and the Moshe Dayan Center of Tel Aviv University launched a strategic partnership in Montreal on Monday night. The collaboration will enable the ongoing international project of recording and preserving the legacy of Sephardi Jews who fled their counties as refugees from North Africa, the Middle East and Iran.

Iraqi Jewish Voices featured in Times of Israel

Sept. 26, 2017
An article in the Times of Israel features the Iraqi Jewish Voices Project and it’s September launch in New York. Using B & W portraits, interviews, and scanned historical documents, Iraqi Jewish Voices records the stories of the last Jews of Iraq and what it was like for them to immigrate to Israel, France, Canada, the United Staes and beyond. CLICK HERE for full article.

Iraqi Jewish Voices premieres

September 11, 2017
Sephardi Voices launched the Iraqi Jewish Voices project at the Center for Jewish History in New York on Monday night. Robert and Dennis Shasha were honoured for sponsoring the project and Tamar Morad and Henry Green spoke to an enthusiastic audience about the Iraqi Jewish narrative and the work of Sephardi Voices.

Operation Michaelberg 70th Anniversary

August 27, 2017

Seventy years after the secret Operation Michaelberg brought 100 Jews to British Mandate Palestine by air, Israelis who were on the flights gathered with their relatives to celebrate the anniversary at the site of the former Atlit Detention Camp in Israel. A restored model of the Operation Michaelberg aircraft was on display. Hillel orchestrated Operation Michaelberg and later Operation Ezra and Nehemia, and helped smuggle Iraqi Jews through Iran, resulting in the exodus of 130,000 Jews—out of a community of 140,000—in Israel’s earliest days. Hillel, 94, told his dramatic life story to Tamar Morad, co-editor of Iraq’s Last Jews, as part of Sephardi Voices’ Iraqi Jewish Voices Project. The project will be launched at the Center for Jewish History in New York on September 11 at 7 pm. CLICK HERE for full article.  

Sephardi Voices Shoots New Film

August 13, 2017

Sephardi Voices shoots its new film, Last Class in Baghdad, at the Montreal reunion of the Frank Iny, Menahem Daniel, and Shamash Schools, the last Jewish schools in Baghdad.

Frank Iny Reunion

August 13, 2017

When alumni of the Frank Iny School, the last Jewish school in Baghdad, held a reunion last week in Montreal, it was a chance to reminisce and catch up with old friends, most of whom had fled Iraq after 1967. For blogger Marcus E. Smith, attending the event was to open his eyes to a close-knit but oppressed community, which he had no clue existed when he was a soldier in Iraq. CLICK HERE for the full article.

Italian Jewish Community Commemoration

June 20, 2017

Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentilone and leaders of the Italian Jewish community recently marked the fiftieth anniversary of the mass expulsion of Jews from Libya to Italy in the Great Synagogue of Rome.

Sephardi Voices and the American University of Rome under the direction of Professor Tony Villani, are now working together in a joint program to interview and document the stories of Libyan Jews who fled their country 50 years ago. CLICK HERE for more photos