NOTE: This page will be unpublished (but saved) when the site goes live.


The main videos come as embeds from our Vimeo channel. On Vimeo they should be set up so that they are embeddable but must come from our domain (but*** don’t set the last thing until the domain is repointed to the new site).

Videos should be HD. They should be compressed from source (don’t compress twice) to Vimeo standards.


All images except for logos and perhaps maps should be jpegs at about 80 percent quality.

Generally, as much as possible, images should be 16 by 9 aspect ratio. One could make all such images 1920 by 1080. The only reasons some images should be smaller than that is because they don’t really need to be that big, and for some visitors, bandwidth will be an issue.

Only images that are not 16 x 9 are archival images for galleries (which could be any size but for bandwidth reasons have a maximum dimension of 900 pixels) and the “featured image” in each blog (news) posting which should be a jpeg with dimensions 750 by 297.

Home Page

For the home page slide show make 16 x 9  images 1200 by 675.

For the home page video gallery make 16 x 9  images 900 by 506.

** Any questions about these specifications… contact Al. **